We are a most preferred flats promoters & trusted builder company with over 30 years of experience, committed to creating places to live that are precisely designed and cultivate wonderful life experiences, providing inclusiveness, comfort, and a sense of place. Since our inception in 1988, we have promoted different types of apartments / flats in Chennai spanning over hundreds of thousands of square feet.

With a focus on smart and practical construction, we pride ourselves on promoting flats and apartments that meet the highest standards of value and quality.


Why do you choose VR Modern Promoters for Flats Promotions?

VR Housing is a property development, flat promotion, and construction firm based in Chennai city that’s driven by an unmatched commitment to innovation and quality. With more than hundreds of thousands of square feet of property in different phases of development and a growing portfolio of projects, VR is one of the best construction companies in Chennai that’s completely redefining the process through which modern apartments are designed and built.



A good building design is the core of its quality. Adequate light and ventilation, proper utilisation of space, the right amenities at the right places – these are functions of good design. We work with reputed consultants – architects, structural, PHE, Landscaping and many more to ensure the same.


Selection of materials

All our materials are subjected to stringent quality checks. Inferior quality materials cannot be masked by good workmanship and turned into quality products! Testing is carried out frequently, to set patterns, and the most reputed brands are used at all stages.


Quality of workmanship

The workmanship is what can turn a good building into an excellent one. Trained labourers are employed under constant supervision, with frequent inspection and testing, to guarantee high standards of workmanship. Our engineers are selected for inspection based on their knowledge, talent, and experience, as well as sincerity of purpose.


Quality Tests

During construction, we conduct a series of tests both on materials and workmanship to ensure delivery of a quality finished product to our customers. Given below are a few of the tests that we undertake in our projects.


Pre-Construction  Tests

Soil Test:

Reputed geotechnical consultants test the soil to find out its load-bearing capacity. Using this information, our Structural Consultants design a suitable structure.

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